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Where are the FAQs?

They exist, although in an almost contentless state. I’ve just been too lazy/forgetful to put links to them on this page. If you’re desperate to look at those worthless shells of pages, mosey over to the side bar and scroll down ’til you find links to them.

Why is “Leviathin” spelled the way it is when it should be spelled “Leviathan” in your username?

Cuth Ahm weetaaaaahdiiiiiid!!!! Or at least I was when I picked the name at the tender age of 13, or maybe it was 12, but I think I was 13. Either way, I was a young whipper snapper and big words were beyond my ability to type. So I screwed up my username when I first started signing up on Yahoo! Groups and internet message boards.

It took me like a year to realize I made a mistake and by then my username was actually bringing up results on Google! ZOMG! I didn’t want to have to start building up my number of search hits from scratch so I kept the name. By the time I was mature enough to stop giving a crap, I was so used to typing it the idiotic way that it was hard to stop.

When I finally decided resolutely to change it, I learned you can’t change your WordPress url. And now like before, I don’t want to have to start over considering that I just now built up a reasonable stream of traffic for this blog.

Okay, well does the name “Abyssal Leviathan” have any special meaning as a whole?

Nope. “Abyssal” was chosen for purely aesthetic reasons. “Leviathan” was chosen because I really like that monsters. It came to my attention when I first encountered claims by Young Earther’s that the leviathan might actually be a surviving plesiosaur recorded in the Bible. As much as I hate and bitch about the YECs, I pretty much owe them my username.

Can you reccommend any books on evolution that would be accesible to a layman?

I liked “Finding Darwin’s God” quite a bit, and not (exactly) for religious reasons. “The Beak of the Finch” is a good one as something of a case study in natural selection that shows how even tiny variations in anatomy can mean life and death for an organism.

Stephen Jay Gould’s essay books (Like “The Panda’s Thumb,” “The Flamingo’s Smile” or “Bully for Brontosaurus” are always fun, but Gould is a rambler and he doesn’t always stick to evolution, he goes all over the place. I also remember enjoying Evolution: Triumph of an Idea by Carl Zimmer. I’ve never read Dawkins (well, I’m working on a copy of The God Delusion), but his stuff might be interesting to look into.

Other than that I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. I really haven’t read as much straight evolutionary biology stuff as I’d like to, most of my reading material is paleontological and evolutionary content is mostly incidental.

13 Responses to Q & A

  1. Dark Transcendence says:

    Dear Abyssal,
    FAQ No. 1: Where are the FAQ’s?
    FAQ No. 2: What is the significance of your name? And is there any special reason for spelling “leviathan” so oddly? I figure must be some meaning there, but it’s Greek to me. Anyhow…
    Dark Transcendence

    If you look for too long into the abyss, the abyss will look into you.
    -Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. That quote is friggin’ awesome. You just earned like a hundred and fifty brownie points with me. 😀

  3. Dark Transcendence says:

    Dear Abyssal,
    You may be wondering: “What (other than a crude attempt at humor) was the point of that quote from Nietzsche?” Well, I used it because it looked like a workable solution to a problem that’s been perplexing me for a couple of days now, namely: How does one go about pleading for attention without –er…hmm– pleading for attention? It’s becoming increasingly clear that I can’t somehow expect people to see inside my mind, and if folks aren’t psychic they’re never gonna understand what I’m trying to say, so I must be (gasp) clear and obvious: I’d hoped that when “the abyss” (meaning, of course yourself) looked into me he might notice my latest post under “Pekka-Eric Auvinen’s Manifesto: A Commentary”. The issue is my inability to solve several problems in the manifesto despite googling the hell out of my computer. Consequently if you, or any of the cybercitizens who frequent this blog can make sense of them I’d be grateful. If no one can just tell me so, and I’ll promise to turn my overrated human gaze elsewhere.
    – Dark Transcendence

  4. Alright, I’ll take a look at it.

  5. Dark Transcendence says:

    Dear Abyssal,
    I’ve got another question. I think I may have asked this one already but here goes:
    FAQ No. 3: What exactly does your username mean? Yes I know that “abyssal” is “like an abyss” and Leviathan is a whale/mythological monster who shows up a couple of times in the Bible but “abyssal” + Leviathan = nothing I can wrap my mind around.
    – Dark Transcendence

  6. Hey, it’s been a while, DT! ❤

    It doesn’t mean anything in particular. I just like the word “abyssal” and like the idea of the leviathan. 🙂

  7. Dear Abyssal,
    FAQ No. 4: What resources can you recommend to people who regularly get into debates with YEC’s, and just as regularly end up being crippled because of their lack of familiarity with the evidence that backs up their position?

    P. S. This was part of the reason I asked about “Nonfiction”.
    Thanks very much for the help there!
    – Dark Transcendence

  8. Abyssal says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know many websites off the top of my head. Evowiki and talk.origins, come to mind, but I’m sure you’re familiar with those. I’d have to snoop around to find anything else.

    Can I ask what points they’ve used to “cripple” you? You’ve got my curiosity piqued, I don’t often hear creationists make any points at all.

    Good luck debating. 🙂

  9. Dark Transcendence says:

    Dear Abyssal,
    You won’t believe this, but I simply didn’t know about talk.origins (or didn’t realize its importance) before you referenced it. I’ve browsed the site and I’m quite impressed. I will definitely use some material from talk.origins in future discussions with creationists.
    : )

    Dark Transcendence

  10. Abyssal says:

    Glad I could help! 😀

  11. Dear Abyssal,
    Is this place is dead permanently?

  12. Dear Abyssal,

    Okay, got it. It was excellent while it lasted. And, if you decide to restart this site, please let me know. I’m fairly easy to reach, either by e-mail, or on deviantArt—see link.)Peace be with you! 🙂


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