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  1. Abyssal says:

    Blog of the Minute?

    I just came on a few minutes ago, and much to my surprise I found that my latest post was Wodpress’s blog of the minute! I’m really excited about this. Thing is, I have no clue what that means. Should I feel  honored? Was I nominated or something? Or is this kinda random? I have the feeling it’s the latter. <_<

    Not that it matters, being on the front page got me a good bit of traffic. I’m still excited and I’m going to pretend like this is some sort of big mile stone. 😛

    Reason for trashing: No one answered the question and I don’t think that WordPress uses the same featured post sytem anymore. My blog hasn’t become popular so that “blog of the minute” bullshit doesn’t represent a milestone anyone will give a shit about.

  2. Abyssal says:

    Southern Hospitality my A$$!
    There are many stereotypes of southerners. Ask anyone that’s not from Appalachia what the people are like there, and you’ll probably get three responses: “Stupid, poor and incestuous.” All those things are true, at least where I live. The incest thing is the only exception. Or maybe the locals just keep that one hidden better. 😛

     You see, West Virginia has the lowest percentage of college degrees amongst its populace in the entire United States! They’re not rich, either. West Virginians on average make around $11,000 less per year than the average American.

    There is however, a single positive stereotype that gets associated with southerners. They call it “southern hospitality.” Southerners are supposed to be welcoming, friendly and generous. I’m here to inform you on this sad day that southern hospitality is a myth. Do you know what the real southern mind set is? It’s that of a low-life inner city thug.

    No place is perfect. If I told you there was crime in West Virginia, you would undoubtedly say, “So what?” But in West Virginia we get special crimes. People like to steal. No, I don’t mean they rob banks or mug people, West Virginia is a place with a special kind of theft. In West Virginia they steal… metal.

    Yup. Metal. Any metal they can get their grubby paws on. Why do they want metal? To sell for scrap, of course! It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they just stole stuff you have in garbage heaps piled up in your back yard collecting rust, they like to steal metal that’s actively in use! Metal like… coppper wiring from powerlines! That’s right, in West Virginia people would actually rather spend their days stealing powerlines and risking quick death by electrocution than to get an honest job! What is wrong with these people? Is work really so bad? Is it worth severe injury trying to avoid? These bums don’t always get off scott-free. Some of them are hospitalized. I’d bet there have been more than just a few fatalities from this practice! It’s stupid! Collecting the wire is harder work than most jobs around here, and I doubt the pay’s any better!

    These low lives are a cause of major problems! Powerline wires aren’t all they steal! In Prichard, the town my granny lives by, when the weather’s nice a lot of the time the people can’t use the phone because idiot criminals spend the spring and summer looking for wiring and metal to steal! They’d cause a loss of phone service for an entire town just to make $25 on scrap metal!

    My granny’s not the only victim of this! My very own place of residence was vandalized by thugs looking for scrap metal! Dad and I were inside, just sorta chillin’ inside when the dog began barking. This wasn’t such a rare thing. Some of our neighbors let their dogs out for most of the day, and whenever the dogs ramble by, my little dog starts acting up. But, this time he kept on and on, so we let him out just to shut him up. After a few minutes we let him in.

    Hours pass and while it’s dusk Dad goes outside for whatever reason. He comes back in looking kinda serious and confused. “C’mere, John. Check this out.” He tells me. Out I go. That’s when I see the downspout has been torn from the gutter! We were confused a little. Could the neighbor dogs have knocked it down? Not likely. The downspout had been connected to so tubing that ran under the ground to change the location of where the water actually came out. This tubing had been partially pulled out of the ground. We went across the street and asked our neighbor, Roger what he though of it. He agreed with us, it looked like an act of vandalism. Roger said that his dad’s store had the same thing done to it. People stealing downspouts and tearing off gutters  to be sold as scrap metal.

    Then we put two and two together. It was the thieves that had caused the little dog to go crazy. When we let him out, he scared them off (pansies) and they didn’t have time to load up the downspout into their truck. The idiots actually came to the house while me and my dad were inside and tore the downspout off from the gutter! Were they out of their minds?! It’s pretty evil to do enough damage to cost some person you don’t even know $300 worth of damage just so you can make $3 on scrap metal, but they do realize that at some point they could burglarize the wrong person’s house and end up sh#t creek without a paddle, right?! All of these redneck locals have guns! This includes my dad. And Dad would have no problem filling somone caught vandalizing his house with about a half pound of lead. So much for West Virginia being a friendly rural place. :/

    Reason for trashing: The post sucks.

  3. Abyssal says:

    Society for Scientific Exploration
    There is an organization dedicated to studying issues that are neglected by mainstream science. A lot of these things are rejected out of hand by scientists: things like telepathy, reincarnation, UFOs and Nessie. This organization is called the Society for Scientific Exploration. I stumbled on their website a while back and noticed that PDF downloads were available for many articles from their peer reviewed journal.

    Personally I’m delighted that an organization like this exists. Finally, there’s someone willing to take the time to research claims that most scientists don’t have balls to investigate. That being said, as of my writing this I’ve only been able to give the most cursory glance over the contents of the available journals. Lots of interesting stuff. It seems to have a big fixation on reincarnation.

    That being said, I’m a little skeptical about the quality of a journal that would deal with these topics. Does it really live up to the strict standards of normal scientific journals? My goal is to examine the articles and evaluate the quality of the journal by the published articles. I may also respond to articles that significantly catch my interest. I hope that the scientific scrutiny of such odd topics will lead to profound advancements in our understanding of the universe and of ourselves. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

    Reason for trashing: I’ve lost a lot of faith in the JSE after I saw that it published creationist anti-tectonics crap. I mean, you’ve gotta have some standards. Also, I’ve lost a lot of faith in paranormal and religious claims since then. Not to mention that I never did go through and write about its articles.

  4. Abyssal says:

    Care Pages
    Carepages is a site dedicated to help loved ones keep in contact with each other when one of them is receiving medical care.

    My second cousin was born with a hole in her heart. She’s now a year old, thank God and doing well. But, of course this has been an ordeal on the family, as you can imagine. Thus, it would be nice if you went to Sophie’s care page and showed some support.

    Or maybe you can give support to some others as well? Or maybe you want to use the Carepages service yourself? Either way, I think Carepages is a worthwhile and good endeavor, which is why I’m linking there. 🙂

    Reason for trashing: I’m using my Delicious account instead of blog posts for linking now.

  5. Abyssal says:

    My Heart Goes Out to Virginia Tech
    My dearest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers go out to the students and family who lost friends and loved ones to this most horrible of tragedies. Apart from that, I don’t really know what to say.

    I first caught wind of the event in Latin today. A kid had his laptop and asked the girl who sits in front of me if she had heard there was a shooting at Virginia Tech. She nodded. I nodded too. I do that sometimes, respond to other peoples’ conversations… yeah… anyway, I was mistaken. I thought he was referring to some past shooting, as I knew there had been a bunch in the south east in the past.

    Still, I went to Wikipedia when I went home. Just to be sure. I was wrong, and much to my suprise, it was not only current news, but the biggest school shooting in history. Wow. I don’t know what to say at all.

    I’m just going to say that the topic of school shootings will be covered by me in the near future. I had already begun writing a couple of posts which specifically addressed Columbine. I was going to “publish” them to correspond with April 20th, the Columbine anniversary, but I think that this tragedy is motivation to get them done sooner.

    I’ll keep the folks at Virginia Tech in my prayers.

    P.S. What do you wanna bet that AiG will blame this on the teeaching of evolution in public schools if they haven’t already? (They didn’t have a post on it a few hours ago when I checked.)

    P.S.S. They did.

    Reason for trashing: No one gives a shit that I felt bad about the Virginia Tech Massacre. Everyone did. Useless post.

  6. Abyssal says:

    I’ve Cancelled My SSE Plans
    Some of you may remember that a while back I expressed a desire to post a link to, and comments on every article that the Society for Scientific Exploration has made available online. Well, I’m going to have to cancel that.

    For one thing, there are a lot more articles to go through than I actually have time to read, let alone write about, and there’s another problem; many of the articles are just plain boring. Okay, it’s a technical journal, I know. It’s not meant to be an engrossing read, but what I really meant was that most of the articles were outside my field of interest.

    And so, I’ve decided that my coverage will be nearly wholly dedicated to my main areas of “paranormal” interest- UFOs and Cryptozoology. I’ll probably link to some of the other ones as a quickie thing just for those who are interested in the subject, but don’t expect any big reviews of them for me.

    Right now I’m in the middle of a three way, er, what I mean to say was that one of the first articles I wanted to look at was called Roswell- Anatomy of a Myth. It’s a skeptical look at the alleged flying saucer crash in New Mexico by a disgruntled former believer. The same issue featured two articles that were written to be critical of Anatomy of a Myth‘s conclusions. It’s taking forever to get the time to read and compare the documents and their claims side by side, I’ve been poking around with them off and on for a few months now. I have no clue when it will make it online. Sorry to any and all of you who may be disapointed by this. If there even is anyone.

    Reason for trashing: No one gives a shit.

  7. Abyssal says:

    ‘Pod is Dead
    You may or may not know that I had a very large collection of electronic music saved on my iPod. Well, now you do. I’ve had this iPod for years and had accumulated quite a large selection of music. This device had been very faithful to me and had survived all manner of torture. I wish that I could count how many times I dropped it onto gravel or knocked off the desk just to give tribute to my iPod’s endurance.

    Sadly things don’t last forever.

    Years of frequent use and endless abuse finally got to it. The downfall of the iPod began rather unassumingly. I was listening to its stored music via iTunes when a song glitched. iTunes froze. After I booted up iTunes again, I tried to play the same song. This time something even stranger happened. The song glitched again, but this time iTunes managed to avoid freezing; it just stopped playing the song. Figuring I had a glitched song file I decided to just recopy it to the iPod some other time and just continue my listening with other songs. After clicking the next song it didn’t play. A gray exclamation mark appeared next to the song name. I tried another song and got the same thing. And another. And another. Almost all of the songs just refused to play (it was about 1 in 25 that worked normally).

    At this point I began freaking out. I couldn’t, just couldn’t lose my iPod now! None of my music had been backed up because my desktop computer doesn’t have a DVD burner. Backing nearly 30 G by CD would take an eternity. At that time it was two days before I was going to have to deal with the 8 hour drive to Michigan. I needed my music. I just couldn’t lose it. Not now.

    I cross my fingers, unplug my iPod and re-plug it in to the PC. It seems to be working normal. I sigh with relief. Then it’s not long before another song brings the same glitches I had before. Now I’m getting frightened again. I realize that it’s not a few files that were bad on the iPod, the problem lay in the hard drive itself.

    The next day my mother picked me up and we stayed the night at a cousin’s place. While I was there, I immediately began using iDump to copy my songs to my laptop. Problem was, whenever iDump would get to one of the screwed up songs it would freeze and I would have to start over. The process took hours, with me having to change the order of the songs I was copying in order to avoid the bad ones.

    The good news was that for some reason the same songs weren’t always bad. So after the program would freeze, I would just have to unplug the iPod and put it back in. Eventually I got all of my songs on the computer except three of them. One was crap, one I knew where to find online, and the other wouldn’t be a challenge either.

    And that was when the iPod died. It was less than a minute after I had gotten the last song copied. The harddrive began to make funny strained sounds, like it was in its final throes. Then the device reset itself and after the Apple logo disappeared, there was an error with a folder by an exclamation mark. My iPod was dead.

    It was kind of sad losing my iPod, but I swear there must have been some divine providence in the timing, you know. It waited until right after I was finished to die. So I’m really grateful that I still have my techno. Hallelujah! 😀

    Reason for trashing: No one gives a shit.

  8. Abyssal says:

    Solomon Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me!
    IR1 smrt cuckee.
    You know the Bible 100%!
    Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses – you know it all! You are fantastic!
    Ultimate Bible Quiz
    Create MySpace Quizzes

    Reason for trashing: Nobody cares.

  9. Abyssal says:

    Woohoo, my Clustr Map’s First Update!
    I’ve been really wanting one of these for a long time, you know those maps that show where your visitors are from and mark their locations on a map. “Clustr Maps” they’re called apparently. Well, yesterday I motivated my lazy butt into getting one, which was slightly difficult seeing as how I didn’t know what to search for. In any case it wasn’t too hard to find, and much to my surprise, it’s already been updated. *Points proudly at the side bar.*

    Apparently I’ve already had visitors from two continents, Europe and North America. There was one country per continent. Romania was my most exotic visitor locale, so a big shout out goes from yours truly over to my friends in Eastern Europe. Zieg heil! Or however you say hello over there.

    My other visitors were from the much more mundane, but certainly no less wonderful, good old US of A. People from three states have honored me with their presence. I’ve gotten visitors from my very own resident state, West Virginia, although those views may have been myself. Iowa (or possibly Illinois, it’s hard to tell) has blessed me with some traffic. I’ve also gotten traffic from what appears to be…Jersey. Yeah.

    Well, thank you, all my adoring fans. I hope to hear from you, so if you’re my Romanian, Iowan, West Virginian, or Jerseyite viewers, leave a comment! I love hearing from my readers. Unless you have something bad to say. Keep that to yourself. 😛

    Reason for trashing: Nobody cares.

  10. Abyssal says:

    Kent Hovind is Outraged!
    To Whom It May Anesthetize,

    I am writing today to pontificate my utter PISS-IGNORANT FURY over the fact that Charles Darwin dared to momentarily think the dreaded E-Word.

    You see, I am inordinately proud of my religion – and why shouldn’t I be? It took incredible skill and hard work on my part to surrender to primal superstition – not to mention all the determination it took me to master blinking. That’s why pride in my religion constitutes my entire one-dimensional identity – and for that I deserve automatic and constant validation.

    Now, I’m a supporter of free speech and all, but when it isn’t gushingly positive about people superficially similar to me, then it’s time for me to seek publicity!

    Furthermore, as a vocal pawn of the esteemed International Society of the One-And-Only True God, it is my meal ticket to remind you that only WE are allowed to use the C-Word – as a proud expression of our subconscious subjugation.

    You know, growing up Christian in my homogenous mainstream religious cult, it didn’t take long to realize that the problem with today’s world is that people who are different from me are too criminally self-absorbed to fixate entirely on MY feelings. And that’s why when Darwin used the E-Word, I felt I’d been personally appointed judge & jury, and as such hereby formally demand a book deal.

    Yours Self-Righteously,

    Kent Hovind

    PS: I won’t be surprised if you ignore me. That’s just the kind of treatment I’d expect from a typical perverted faggot like YOU!

    BTW, you can generate your own fake outraged complaint here.

    Reason for trashing: It’s not even funny.

  11. createquiz says:

    You’ve said it all beautiful. I like it.
    Great Job!

  12. Xjfazttr says:

    I came here to study ls lsm bd bbs fucking hot, gosh! The only thing I hate is that stupid strapon at the end. Much better use our fingers…

  13. Ebzkpghh says:

    Go travelling kds bbs nymphet She could of atleast washed up before using the sink, Ah well, I was hoping for a better finish tho… Like a sandwich xD

  14. Hxayxkcj says:

    How many weeks’ holiday a year are there? bbs x nymph She got a hella arc in her back! Baby can toot that ass way the fuck up. This my first time seeing her but this chick looks like she got some good ass pussy. She can def get the dick.

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